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Want to study abroad but worrying about your budget?Studying Abroad

We are here to help you with foreign countries that provide education to students at a low cost in the best affordable universities. This article will assist you to have the best possible ways to study abroad in your budget. The basic factors that determine the affordability of studying abroad are the country’s cost of living and tuition fees

charged by foreign universities. We know many of you aspire to go abroad for higher studies but also the expenditure of these countries is considered to be a big concern.

Let’s start with the top three affordable foreign countries for you to study.

  1. Germany

The very first best option for you to acquire education from abroad is, Germany as it is continuously increasing its administration among international students.  This country is known to be the cheapest in education for Indian students because its universities do not charge tuition fees for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. They also provide affordable programs with good quality of learning in colleges like TU Munich, RWTH Aachen University, LMU Munich, etc. Another good thing about Germany is that its low-cost living expenses that will cost you INR 6-8 Lacs per year.

  1. Norway

We have picked this country to you because Norway is the study destination that is free for everyone either students within or outside of Europe. You will love to study in Norway universities as they assure you a high-quality education and living standards. We all know that studying abroad in your budget is difficult but if you manage things with great care, it is affordable. One thing our team suggests to students that if you want to enjoy your education living in foreign countries then you must find internships or part-time jobs so that you can cover your basic expenses.

  1. Taiwan

Last but not the least, Taiwan is also considered to be one of the low-priced countries in Asia to study overseas. Indian students are offered more than 120 courses in English with over 30 universities that provide education at affordable prices. You will have a friendly atmosphere in Taiwan as local people over there are very helping and they will guide you with the most significant things you need to know to ease your living. One of my friends who went to Taiwan for studying also told me that international students can apply for a work permit who wishes to acquire a job in the country, as without it you may be fined.

These countries will guarantee you great quality of education, cheapest living costs, various jobs, and internships, English programs, scholarships, etc.

Now let’s begin with the cheapest ways to study overseas

  • First, start with making a list of countries which affordable with high education universities and low-cost living and we have already mentioned some of them.
  • The next step you need to follow is to search for universities that are free with no or fewer tuition fees.
  • Another best way is to work while studying in foreign countries, that is, to cover the cost of living. You can apply for various part-time jobs in the same university where you study.
  • You can also search for various affordable programs to study abroad to reduce your stress regarding high expenses, for eg., the FuBIS course in Germany, Equine Summer Program in Scotland, etc.
  • One of the most important ways that students must have in their list is to apply for scholarships and grants because these are meant to be the easiest method to reduce their study foreign costs. You can research to discover various abroad scholarship programs based on your preferred subject or country.

Now we hope that our article has helped you with all your queries regarding studying abroad at a lower cost, though it can be a little expensive, the secret to reducing expenses of living in foreign countries manage your overheads with great care as it will be a great lifetime experience for students studying in abroad universities. You just need to trust yourself to make your studying in foreign countries a lot easier.

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