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Lakhs of students‘ future is being jeopardized at this time of the year, but all of us know who has it the hardest. Still don’t know? We will give you a hint: NEET and AIIMS!
If you had known the answer you probably are or know one of the people haunted by this medical state exams. NEET and AIIMS has been been notorious for poor clearance rate for years due to immense competition. These exams often cause young talented doctors to depart for studies to another countries – even the developing ones like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Phillipines and others. The education in these countries has been questioned many times due to number of unsuccessful medical screening upon the return to India, as those are mandatory even if the education is MCI recognized.
However, many people do not know that there is an affordable medical education without donations provided in the developed countries of European Union. While option like UK can present equal hurdle to NEET in the form of UKCAT, the institutes like Queen Mary university of London has been producing world-class doctors for decades.
How To study mbbs in europe For students in europe at low costThe European medical degrees are considered equal, therefore it does not matter whether you study in Germany, Spain, or any other country. Therefore, the equal curriculums are respected in countries with tuition fees more than 5 times cheaper. If you are considering studying MBBS overseas, you should definitely consider Romania, where the tuition starts at 3.5 lakhs INR per year! Another option is a world class medical faculty of Riga Stradinš University in Latvia.
How To study mbbs in europe For students in europe at low costRemember! Your dreams do not stop at the doors of NEET examination room, so look around and explore options that are the best for you.

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