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Germany has one of the best higher education in the world! Getting a degree in this country is getting a degree recognised all over the world. 
People every where recognize this amazing country for the long and rich history, but also from the benefits you can have from the best German universities famous for their quality and tradition. 
A German degree is highly respected by all markets, companies and employers all over the world.
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To know or to do not know German in Germany, it is not a big deal. The number of foreign students that come to Germany to study is higher every year, most of them non English speakers. Besides, most of the Germans speak English. 
This is why more courses and degrees are in English.
Germany has an international population growing faster and faster due to the facilities and opportunities that this country has to offer. You can make friends from around the world and take this experience to a new step!

Usually, universities in Germany are tuition-free, and in case that you have to pay, the fees are very low like it is not in other countries. You can also benefit from many scholarship programmes if you are an outstanding student. Your nationality is not a matter, if your profile matches there quirements you can get it! 
This is why choosing Germany seems interesting to the majority of the people.
The cost of living in Germany is lower than many other countries also recognised for their education, making it more interested for some budgets since it is a country with the EU average cost of living. You need around 800 euros to cover your expenses.

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