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A business degree opens up many opportunities. No matter the kind of business, whether it’s a big multinational organisation, family business or as an entrepreneur.

Business managers have multiple career options in both public and private sectors. Banks, financial institutions, corporate houses, government departments, and industries are prime recruiters of business managers. Export and import companies and investment firms are other options open to these professionals.

In UK, estimated about 90% business graduates are pursuing successful careers. The graduate salaries of business related programs also belong to the most attractive compared to any field of study.

Last but not least, many of the skills acquired pursuing a business degree are transferable to everyday life or even a completely different career. Communication skills, analytical thinking, decision making, leadership or time management that are part of the business studies open many doors that lead to a successful future.

POPULAR COUNTRIES: UK, Australia, Singapore, Canada


If you enjoy working with people and helping them, studying MBBS can be a great option for you. It requires a lot of patience and tolerance to the groups of people considered more vulnerable as kids, elderly or with any kind of disability. The job of the doctor is however incredibly rewarding and the job is very stable. There is overwhelming demand for educated practitioners especially in developing countries, but also in large medical institutions in the world’s greatest economies.

The competitive exams of India are famous for their difficulty and very low completion rates. If you do not want to give up on doctoral career, Gateway International has options for you.

Studying medicine in Europe for very affordable tuition fees starting at 3 lakhs per year, gaining a degree that is compatible with MCI and globally recognized. The most important fact is that the institutions we can offer to you do not require entrance examination. The quality of education is not compromised as the secondary school results will determine the options we can provide for you and admission process.

Popular countries: Romania, Latvia, Georgia


Germany is the hub of Engineering, due to a large number of world’s largest companies like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi etc. and focus on application the theoretical knowledge into practice by completing various projects and compulsory internships as part of the program. What is more, studying engineering in public universities in Germany does not require to pay any tuition fees. However the admission requirements are rather demanding due to large competition. Above average academic results should be complemented with an experience from internship or trainee placement or various certificates and related extra-curricular activities.

For those not eligible to study in Germany we have various options including other European countries like Poland, UK etc. For those relentless about studying for free in Germany, there is a possibility of taking a transfer after the first year.

Popular Countries: Germany, UK, Poland


In the current digital age, there is a great demand for computer scientists. Graduates of courses related to computer science have excellent career prospects after the completion of their program. Similarly, the earning prospects are very bright even straight after graduation. If your idea about the career in computer science is sitting in front of the PC gazing into millions of lines of code, you should know that every industry is in need of computer scientists and working on projects of different kind can bring the desired drive and excitement into your career.

The career in CS also require constant acquisition of knowledge to keep pace with the enormous growth this sector is witnessing. Studying computer science abroad can expose you to an international environment you will definitely experience in global organizations in pursuit of a respectable career.

Popular countries: USA, Australia, France


The services of Gateway International do not stop with the most desired subjects, we listen to our clients and strive to provide the best options for any request you might have. There are many countries or cities that are famous for a certain specialization. Hospitality in Switzerland, Design in Italy, Law in USA and UK or Architecture in Barcelona, Spain. Share your dream with us and our professional consultants team will guide you to the place that is the best for you.

Other countries being home to GI clients: New Zealand, Ireland, Netherlands, UAE