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Thinking about how to save money while studying abroad?save money

Have you heard that ‘A penny save is a penny earned’? Yes, students every single penny saved by you while studying abroad is the single finest thing you can do to protect your future. Therefore, to worry less about excessive expenditure overseas you need to follow some basic strategies to make money-saving easier.

We are here to assist you with super exciting hacks to save funds while studying in foreign countries. Our team has researched all the possible hacks regarding funds saving so that Indian students can keep track of while studying abroad.

Read it now, thank us later!

  1. First and for most, learn to budget

This is the most crucial point for every candidate to follow while learning abroad, that is to make a budget plan to manage your money related expenses. We propose you use the UCAS budget calculator to assist yourself with budget planning tips.

  1. Applying for an online saving account

The most common and easiest way to save your capital is by opening an online saving account in your chosen foreign country. All you need to do is provide your passport, residential proof, and initial deposit to the bank, as these are mandatory requirements. You can also use Mind mobile app for easy financial preparation and tacking use.

  1. Search part-time jobs

Working whilst studying overseas is considered the smart tactic to make extra money to cover your expenses. So, it is better to find a first-class part-time job for yourself depending upon your study schedule because it is worth working rather than being a debt slave in foreign countries.

  1. Wisely use student discounts and be alert of little expenses

 According to research, we have found that a card name ISIC provides students UNESCO-endorsed proof which allows access to discounts over 130 countries for more than 150,00 students. Apart from this, you can also avail of reductions in accommodations, food products, shopping, etc.

  1. Utilization of phone services at lower costs

We all know that calling both in the city and internationally is essential for Indian students studying abroad. Due to higher calling rates overseas, it is necessary to be attentive towards your phone bills. Try to use services like Rebtel, GoogleFi, Sprint Global Roaming, etc.

  1. Try to cook yourself

Nowadays, the internet has made cooking at home easier for international students studying overseas because having meals in foreign restaurants is very expensive. You must cook some dishes on your own on weekends to save extra pennies for future spendings.

  1. Be clever while shopping

One of the simplest ways while grocery shopping is that buy on Black Friday or other days of heavily discounted product sales to avail exciting offers and deals. Be smart enough to buy items of daily use in bulk at stores such as Walmart to save more.

  1. Find cost-effective accommodation

One of the common concerns every Indian student has is about housing and living standards in foreign countries but don’t worry nowadays staying off campus is much cheaper than living in university-provided rooms. Apart from this, you can also stay with roommates to divide your rental bills.

  1. Make the best use of reward points on payment cards

We all know that credit cards are a well-known medium to save finance, i.e., by using credit cards you create a credit history with the banks which you pay later. However, it is a little unsafe hack and every credit card has its spending limit but if you use it carefully then it is one of the best strategies to save money. On the other hand, these provide reward points which can redeem later for shopping.

  • Use pocket-friendly transport

While taking admission in abroad university, you can also find places nearby to avoid traveling at longer routes as this will reduce your transportation costs. Also, you can use your foot to travel within the city which is further good for your body.  This is another better choice to keep aside your money for future use.

That’s it for now!

We hope you all like these mentioned hacks to save money while studying overseas, also, try to trail on these tactics to have better results and to live your life stress-free in foreign countries.

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