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Congratulations! At last you got your big dream to study abroad come true, and you must be satisfied with all the time and energy spent for making this dream alive!
Now you just have to check these items from your study abroad To-do list before thinking of part-time jobs!

  • Preparation, apply and get offer letter from dream university,
  • Landing in your study destination,
  • And last but not least Checking-in in your new college!!!

So now comes the most important thing thinking about your Part-Time job!
Part-Time Job students do after going abroad:

  • Restaurant Crew
  • Pizza delivery crew
  • Merchandise stocker
  • Freelance worker
  • Tutor
  • Call centres
  • Internship
  • Volunteering
  • Work at University


Rules and Rights of International Students:

  1. Know all the rules and conditions that your student visa imposes on your part-time work. This also varies widely from country to country. In Australia, for example, voluntary work (unpaid) does not count towards your allotted working hours.
  2. Learn about your basic rights, which you should not be denied at work, such as your minimum wage; breaks and rest periods; safety of your work environment.
  3. Last and most important step for you: know where to look!

How to  find a job ?
You won’t be able to start looking until you’ve arrived and settled in – most employers will want to meet you in person. The best place to start with your university’s job centre or employment office. As well as current listings of local jobs, they can help you write your CV and job application, prepares for an interview, and be ready for differences in work practices. You can also look online at career websites etc. Some countries have government-run job centres as well, such as the UK’s Job Centres. Local newspapers are also a great source of convenient part-time work.
Most countries have a minimum wage that all employers must stick to, even if you’re a casual part-time shift worker. In the UK this is currently £5.80 per hour, in Australia it’s A$14.31 per hour and in the US it’s US$7.25.
You may be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and usually as a direct deposit into your bank account. You will pay tax out of your salary, and you should register for a local tax number (called a National Insurance number in the UK, and a Tax File Number in Australia) as soon as you are offered a job. You may be eligible for a tax return when you leave after your studies.
This is it! All the knowledge you need for your Part-Time job as an International Student!

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