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Kazan Federal University is located in Kazan, Tatarstan,Russia. KFU was founded in 1804 as Kazan Imperial University and the first students, enrolled in 1805, It is the second oldest university in Russia. The University is known as the birthplace of organic chemistry due to works by Aleksandr Butlerov, Vladimir Markovnikov, Aleksandr Arbuzov, and the birthplace of Electron Spin Resonance discovered by Evgeny Zavoisky.

Fee Structure for General Medicine –

  • Tuition Fee – 5500 US$/Year (English Medium)
  • Note – These fee include the Tuition Fee and Hostel Fee


Other Expenses for every year:

  • Food – 50 – 80 US$/Month
  • Maintenance Charges – 10 -15 US4/Month
  • Medical Insurance: 150 US$
  • Visa Extension: 100 US$

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