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The Hubei University of Medicine is located in beautiful Shiyan City of Hubei in China. It is a public university, Founded in 1965, the university was originally known as Wuhan Medical College Yunyang School. The school was established in Yun County (remote mountain area) , therefore in the spring of 1967, the school was relocated to the Shiyan City, Yunyang, Hubei. In May 2010, the university was renamed the Hubei University of Medicine.
After 50 years of development Hum was authorize by the State Council as granting Master’s degree and become top ranking medical university in central china and west china beside Hubei, Chongqing, Shanxi and Henan.

Accommodation –

Major/Specialty : Clinical Medicine (MBBS)
Degree : Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery
Duration : 5 years and 1 Year Internship

Tuition Fee –

General Medicine – 15000 RMB/Year
Hostel Fee – 5000 RMB/Year

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