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Guangdong Pharmaceutical University is located in Guangzhou of China. The university was established in 1958. The college becomes the Guangdong Medical College in 1978 with the approval of Chinese central government. It is one the most popular university of higher learning. GDPU campus is situated in scenic Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center; other than that it contain three more campus which are Baogang campus, Chigang campus and Zhongshan campus respectively. Guangzhou is a coastal city that is green all year round. It enjoys an advantageous geographic location and magnificent landscape. GDPU boasts four campuses with elegant environment and modern facilities. There are international gyms, basketball-court, tennis-court, swimming pool and so on. Supermarkets, stores and Chinese and Western restaurants with different flavors are available here. GDPU enrolls over 25,000 students including more than 18000 undergraduates, about 300 postgraduates. The university beliefs to serve best to the generation. GDPU campus covers an area of more than 700 acres, a reasonable layout, excellent school conditions, is a fully functional, modern atmosphere of the campus. The campus highlights the characteristics of pharmacy and has a School of Pharmacy, Chinese Medicine, Life Sciences and Biopharmaceuticals, and a basic college.
Study MBBS MCI Approved Medical Colleges in ChinaThe university is among the first universities to be stationed in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center as one of the top ten famous universities in PR China.
GDPU comprise with 14 school and department including school of Pharmacy and school of medicine. GDPU staffed with over 1,400 people, including more than 1,000 full time teachers. The number of teachers with doctor degree is 170. The university is attaches with great construction of the teaching staff. It has highly qualified teachers with academic and reasonable structure.
After the establishment of GDPU get attached with many researches and projects. It has a batch of research institutes in provincial level and university level: Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Pharmic New Formulation, Grade 2 Laboratory of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Key Laboratory of Department of Health of Guangdong Province for Promoting Medicine by Science and Education, Key Laboratory of Department of Education of Guangdong Province of Modern Chinese Materia Medica, Research Institute of Pharmacy, Research Institute of Biopharmacology, Development and Research Institute of Chinese Materia Medica, Academy of Chinese Medicine, Experiment Animal Center, 2 directly Affiliated Hospitals, 2 indirectly Affiliated Hospitals, 1 indirectly affiliated pharmaceutical factory, 4 production, study and research bases. GDPU Undertook a large number of national, provincial and municipal scientific research tasks including major national drug creation projects; and achieved the second prize of national scientific and technological progress.
study in abroad for MBBSIt is one of the “10 University Libraries Alliances in Guangzhou University” initiated member libraries. It has achieved the services of 10 colleges and universities, such as “Through Passage” and “Universal Access”. Cultural achievements have been outstanding. It has provided a profound cultural environment for the cultivation of red and specialized medical professionals. The library of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University consists of the main campus of the University City Campus. The Guangdong Pharmaceutical University Library has 68 employees, including 54 staff members. Among the staff, there are 14 associate research librarians and above, 23 intermediate titles, and 38 master or higher degrees. At present, all types of bibliographic databases, especially medical literature databases, rank in the forefront of similar institutions in southern China, and initially established a document support service system that combines printed literature and digital literature. GDPU has been ranked top among the provincial universities due is strength and good quality of students

Study MBBS in Guangdong Pharmaceutical University China

There are many reasons why Indian Students Choose to Study MBBS in Guangdong Pharmaceutical University China. Study MBBS in Guangdong Pharmaceutical University China many Indian student’s obtained minimum qualifying marks and easily gets admission in MBBS. There is entrance test or other qualifying examination to select the candidates for admissions in MBBS China. The fee charged for MBBS in China medical universities and colleges is very low and in the reach of middle class families. There are many medical colleges in China offering Medical Council of India approved and recognized MBBS in China. MBBS in China is the most preferred destination to study the medical and medicine programs abroad. Studying MBBS in China is always beneficial the process of getting admission in Guangdong Pharmaceutical University China is quite simple and systematic. MBBS from China Medical University has global acceptance. MBBS in Guangdong Pharmaceutical University China is taught in English. After completion of MBBS from Guangdong Pharmaceutical University China, students can pass the MCI screening test and start practicing in India. Many Government Medical Colleges and Universities in China promote MBBS education globally to improve the quality of medical education in China. In Chinese medical colleges and universities has spacious classrooms, well-equipped labs, library, are built with state of the art facilities to facilitate healthy study environment to the medicine students.

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