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The Central America Health Sciences University (CAHSU), Belize Medical College was founded in 1996. The University is located in Belize City, Belize. Previously known as British Honduras, Belize lies on the east coast of Central America in the heart of the Caribbean Basin. The country borders Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west and south, and is flanked by the Caribbean Sea to the east. Belize offers beaches and a semi tropical climate. It is a small, politically stable Commonwealth country with English as its official language. The University’s location in Belize City allows easy access to the United States, Central and South America and Mexico.
CAHSU is a medical school with a curriculum patterned after US medical programs. The University ensures its students receive a well-rounded education, allowing them to develop into skilled and responsible physicians well equipped to enter into the competitive job market upon graduation.

Cahsu Mission

The mission of Central America Health Sciences University, Belize Medical College is to promote the health of all peoples through education and public service. The aim of our curriculum is to facilitate students to develop a thorough understanding of normal health and an intricate knowledge of the physical, chemical, biological, psychological, and social factors which may undermine it.
The medical program includes the study of the human body and its structure as well as the function and coordination of its major systems. Lectures, conferences and laboratory exercises form a substantial part of the course of study. The curriculum is continuously evaluated and revised by the Medical Education Committee in order to keep abreast with the latest advances including those related to health promotion and management.
On completion of the programs in the basic sciences, students are provided with the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge in the clinical setting by rotating through the various medical disciplines at the University’s affiliated hospitals, located in the United States Of America, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Belize.
The University has a continuous program with three entering classes per year; January, May and September. The Central America Health Sciences University has rolling admissions and applications are processed as they arrive. You will be notified if you are accepted within a few weeks after you apply. Students are encouraged to submit applications as soon as possible; before the beginning of each term.
An appointed admissions committee reviews all applications. Applicants are not evaluated solely on academic merit. The standards for acceptance are defined by: undergraduate studies, academic records, demonstration of a high commitment to the medical field, as well as the originality and motivation of the student.
The Central America Health Sciences University welcomes male and female applicants of ethnic diversity. The Central America Health Sciences University encourages individuals from groups under-represented in the medical profession to apply. The Central America Health Sciences University does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, creed, national origin, veteran status or physical disability.
Undergraduate Course Requirements:
To be considered for admission, an applicant must have satisfactorily completed not less than 90 undergraduate semester hours (or equivalent number of quarter hours). Applicants are not required to have earned a bachelor’s degree, but an undergraduate degree from an American, Canadian or internationally accredited college or university is recommended. Pre-medical Program:
Applicants who do not meet the pre-medical requirements may be placed in The Central America Health Sciences University’s pre-medical program until the pre-medical requirements have been completed. Upon completion of the pre-medical requirements, the student will be admitted into the medical program.

Course Duration:

4 Years (12 Semester) & 1 year Internship for licensing requirements
*Basic Science – 5 Semester or 20 Months
*Clinical Science – 108 weeks (USA, Belize, Mexico, Nepal, or UK)

Fee Structures of CAHSU –

  • Matriculation Fee: $2500 US (Paid within 7 days of Receiving Conditional Letter)
  • The matriculation fee is credited towards the tuition.


Tuition per trimester

    Basic Sciences & Clinical Science

  • 1st Year Tuition Fee – 11000 US$
  • 2nd Year Tuition Fee – 10000 US$
  • 3rd Year Tuition Fee – 9500 US$
  • 4th Year Tuition Fee – 9000 US$

Estimate of Expenses for Students attending CASHU for Clinical Rotation (108 Week) –

Tuition Fee
US UK Belize Mexico Nepal
Clinical Surcharges 500   USD/Week 300 GBP/Week 75  USD/Week 60    USD/Week 50 USD/Week
  Cost of Accommodation   300  USD/Month   300 GBP/Month   100 USD/Month   150  USD/Month   100 USD/Month

A few select hospitals may require a surcharge. It will be at the student’s discretion to choose that site and the student will be responsible for the surcharge. This fee may change with or without notification. All surcharges levied by the hospitals will be charged to the students.
**Transcripts will be mailed by ordinary mail. If required overnight, additional overnight fees will apply.
Monthly Estimated Expenses:
Books, room, board and miscellaneous expenses are approximately $300 US – $500 US.
Payment of Charges:
All tuition charges are due and payable at registration unless arrangements for payment on a deferred payment plan are made with the Bursar Office before the date instruction begins as listed in the University calendar.
A carrying charge of $100 US will be assessed to students using the deferred payment plan.
Additional penalty charges may be assessed for failure to make payments when due.
It is solely the responsibility of the student to inform the Bursar’s Office if the student anticipates a difficulty in meeting financial obligations.
The University reserves the right to cancel the registration of any student who fails to pay any debts when due to the University. Academic credit, transcripts, and diplomas will be withheld until all financial obligations are paid. Students are prohibited from registering for a new trimester until all previous trimester accounts are paid in full, in good standing or in satisfactory status.
Refund Policy:
The University currently follows the following refund policy that is subject to change:

  • To obtain a full refund excluding the application fee, the claim must be submitted within three days from the date of payment to the University.
  • To obtain a full refund excluding the application fee, the claim must be must be submitted during or before the second week of classes.
  • No refund can be obtained after the second week of classes. In the event of there being a refund from any fees collected through student loans, the refund shall be sent directly to the amount lender.

Penalty Fees:
A late registration or late payment fee of $150 US will be assessed if registration and payment or payment arrangements have not been completed by the end of the first week of classes.
Change in Fees:
The University reserves the right to change the fee at any juncture.
Returned Checks:
The University charges a bank fee of $100 US on all checks declined by a bank for any reason. If a second declined check has been received from a student, the University reserves the right to no longer accept that student’s personal checks.
Students are required to officially register for the courses they want to take with the office of the Dean before the last day of the first week of classes. Students who do not register will not receive a grade for the courses they attended.
Class Attendance:
A registered student must have more than an 80% attendance record for all classes. If a registered student is absent for more than 20% of her/his classes, they will automatically receive a grade of WA regardless of their performance in the course.
Academic Counseling & Career Guidance:
All medical students will have access to academic counseling and career guidance by the faculty and administration. Faculty and administration make it a priority to evaluate students in each course of study.
The Central America Health Sciences University encourages students to seek the advice of the counseling faculty. The University continuously evaluates every student’s progress. Students fairing poorly in any course will be assigned to a faculty member in order to assist them in that courses.

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