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Nowadays thinking about moving abroad for higher studies for Indian students is a bit worrying as many of us avoid going to foreign countries due to higher expenses. But you must have heard that ‘Jobs fill your pockets’ which means students can apply for various part-time jobs in any country they wish to go.

But then again another question arises on how to find the right part-time job?

Let us help you with this query also!

Most significant thing while searching for appropriate work is to consider various key factors like government laws in the chosen foreign country, visa application, etc., because diverse countries have different rules for international candidates. You can start working on campus in your chosen university and some countries like the USA are considered to be the most popular option to work within the university.

Benefits for Indian students for having part-time jobs in abroad

Firstly, we will assist you by making you understand the advantages of having part jobs while studying overseas. The best thing for students working while studying abroad is that they not only gain financial assistance but also may acquire better prospects, great understanding in the marketplace, which will further help students in the real working world.

Here are some benefits:

  • Make extra money

We know that students prepare their budget before traveling overseas for higher studies but it is good to have extra financial security in the outside world. After all, this will help you have extra plans, to pay your debts on time, to acquire daily necessities, etc. This makes you independent and not rely on your guardians for money assistance.

  • Investment in your extra subjects

Apart from your central course in a foreign country’s university, you can also apply for various other programs that add more skills to your qualifications. Therefore, by having part-time jobs and earning extra funds, students can invest in such subjects on their own and gain extra knowledge while studying.

  • Grow your social skills

It is obvious that when you start any new job in foreign countries, you need new friends to ease your working experience. People living in countries overseas are very friendly and helping, also, you will learn new practices from them which will increase your social skills. Further, you will be able to handle different people regularly by learning newer ways from your colleagues.

  • Build your communication skills

As we all know that working as a part-time intern, we communicate with a lot of people in our lives that meet us daily both on the job and off the job. Interacting with new people creates opportunities for us to acquire communication skills.

  • Learn to manage time and keeps you healthy

When you do a part-time job while studying overseas, then it makes it easier for you to manage your time wisely as you perform many activities like going to classes, working on campus, outing with friends, etc. Also, without our regular busy schedule, we become lazy and lose our motivation, thus, with the help of part-time jobs, we can stay lively and healthy.

Isn’t it great having numerous reasons to work abroad while studying?

There are many people out there who dream of traveling abroad and study. But there are only a few who are lucky to have a golden chance to do both learning and earning at the same time, so, if you get a chance then don’t miss this opportunity.

Types of part time jobs you can apply for while studying

can apply for while studying

  • On campus jobs, i.e., working in the university
  • Cafes, restaurants and bars
  • Jobs like customer service
  • Call centres
  • Data entry

Countries that offer the best part-time jobs for Indian students

jobs for Indian students

  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

The most important point to keep in mind is that if you apply for jobs before studies, then you must check your eVisa which is there in your passport to know your working rights.

We know that moving abroad for studies and part-time jobs is not an easy decision to take, however, we have given our best to find out satisfactory information on part-time jobs and its benefits. Gateway International performs every possible task to provide you with all necessary and updated data based on your queries. We hope you will have got all your answers through this article.

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