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As students, we want to choose the best city where we can pursue our studies based on several points. We want a city that can offer high-quality education, a destination with a rich cultural experience and social life.
If you are looking for budget friendly universities in  abroad this information will help you!
1. Warsaw

This impressive city was the most affordable European city in 2016. The cost of living in this city makes it attractive to many foreigners since the social life doesn’t demand a big investment. Therefore, there are many options and activities all around the city, making it a good place for any budget.
Warsaw offers low tuition fees and also free education if the person studies in the local language.
2. Toulouse

Toulouse “La Ville Rose” (The pink city) is one of the best destinations in France to pursue any study. This amazing city has one of the biggest students population in France, this is why the city offers student prices in their shops, public transport and restaurants.
Tuition fees are low and the best part is that ALL students, foreigners and locals, can get financial aids from the government to pay their loyer (rent).
3. Frankfurt

The cost of living in Germany differs according to the city. Frankfurt can be considered a city where many options to all budgets since it is one of the biggest cities in the country.
The advantages that have being a huge city are extremely positive, since many restaurants, theatres, sport clubs, fitness centers and many other activities.
There is free education as well. Yes, free education. Germany has finally approved a tuition free program for all students but there are some exceptions where tuition aren’t free but are really low.
4. Riga

Riga is considered a city an average monthly expenses. This city is getting famous among international students because the private rental market is considerably cheaper compared to the other European famous destinations to study.
Latvia is a multicultural country rich in education and traditions. You can study all kind of courses and programs are taught English at a moderate tuition fee.
5. Prague

Prague is recognized by its quality in education when it comes to studying engineering and medicine. This cosmopolitan city is famous for being a destination where foreigners feel welcome.
This city is considered a cheap place to live, offering many activities without overspending.

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