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5 steps to study in Germany
Germany is a country where many Indians want to do their international studies. Even for the ones that are about to start their bachelor but also for the ones that want to have further studies abroad.

  1. Get to know the German educational system

The German educational system is pretty different compared to other systems in other countries, even among its European country. Therefore, it is important to understand that in Germany there are different types of institutions that you will find if you are planning to study in Germany.
Universitäten: The Universitäten can be compared to sciences universities. These institutions have several programs related to the sciences field like Medicine, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, etc. You can also combine this careers and study several subjects.
Hochschulen:  These institutions are mainly for careers related to economics, management, and some engineers programs.
2.About the language
Once you know what would you like to study and the type of institution where you are going to do it you need to check the language requirements. In Germany there are several careers that you can study 100% in English, others in German and other in both languages at the same time. If you don’t know German you must learn the basics (A1 or A2) before arriving in Germany.
If you don’t have a European passport, to study in Germany you must have a student visa that you can apply for in the German Embassy.
The Studienkolleg is a 2-semester course that you have to do before starting your studies in a German university. The subject change based on the career that you decided to study.
Germany has several positive facts that you will learn living in this amazing country. You can also study for FREE!

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